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Our people are our greatest asset.

At ERP-One, we believe every member of our nimble and talented team makes an important contribution to our success.

Who we are

When we say we foster entrepreneurship and innovation, we walk the talk. New ideas are welcomed and rewarded – often having a direct impact on our operations and our future. 

As an organization, we are transparent, accountable, and collaborative. We offer flexible working conditions, competitive compensation, benefits, and profit sharing. 

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Current Opportunities

Here are the current career opportunities at ERP-One:

Senior Account Executive


What we value


Relationships are everything to us, from the way we work together as a team to how we interact with our clients. We know everyone has a unique value to contribute, and we genuinely listen to each other and our clients to understand their perspectives.


We’re here because we’re experts in our fields who share a common desire to do excellent work. We foster excellence through working on challenging projects, creating opportunities to further develop our skills, and by recognizing and rewarding the outstanding contributions of our team.


To us, success is only achieved through collaboration. It’s how we find the right fit for every client, and how we work best as a team. We all have something to contribute and to learn on each project, and by working together we find the right solution.


We’re open, honest, and transparent in how we operate, in our relationships, and in how we communicate. We support clients from start to finish, and stand behind our work. This integrity builds trust within our team and with the people we help.

Providing Value

Everything we do, from how we communicate to the projects we build to the approach we choose, begins with a mindset of providing genuine value to our clients. Before we can succeed, we need to know what success means to them. It’s part of our customer-focussed philosophy, and why we partner with them to find the perfect fit instead of selling out-of-the-box solutions.