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The next step in your ERP Evolution.


Nextworld was founded in 2016 by Ed McVaney, the founder of J.D. Edwards, as a response to the legacy software in the ERP industry no longer being supported. It offers global financials, job cost, distribution, manufacturing, and a no code development platform all built from the ground up with today’s modern architecture.


First Canadian Resellers

After meeting us and getting to know the ERP-One team, Nextworld felt that our company values and culture were aligned and we are honoured to say they have chosen us as their first Canadian reseller. As a company founded by Ed McVaney, Nextworld is privately held and has no need for outside funding. This means their entire focus is on ensuring a customer-focused offering and the highest level of customer service.



Modern Architecture

Nextworld has been designed from the ground up, with a modern server architecture. This will allow Nextworld to scale with you and enable you to stay ahead of what’s next.

  • 100% cloud software solution
  • Only ERP vendor to build an entire solution on today’s PaaS + SaaS technology.
  • Opportunities for you to utilize the powerful platform to customize Nextworlds application or work with us to build your own.
  • Architecture matters, even with a cloud software solution.


It’s time to go stateless. With Nextworld being a cloud based product, each client request is routed to a different server every time which means you’ll never see an interruption and updates will no longer mean down time.

  • Server architecture is 100% stateless.
  • State is transferred with each and every server request. This allows for greater flexibility, resiliency, fault tolerance, and scalability of your stateful counterparts.
  • Zero impact to you in the case of a hardware issue.
  • If any machine experiences an outage, subsequent client requests are simply routed to another server which can service them.
  • Nextworld servers never had any state to lose, our client has no indication that anything bad has happened. No work is lost.


Nextworld has architected software that stays ahead of what’s next.  Here are just a few additional capabilities.

  • Stateless and REST based server architecture with dynamic and elastic scalability
  • Automatic auditing and advanced transaction handling
  • Pattern-based development model for exponentially faster SME friendly development
  • Built-in workflow, reporting, and analytics
  • Logic builder to add business rules to any application without code
  • Self-service controls leaving the power in your hands
  • Advanced security model
  • Automated test builder based on meta-data

Robust Advanced Security And SARA

Nextworld protects your data with an advanced security design. The authentication model offers standard cloud security features like IP white listing, password complexity rules, and multi-factor authentication. While the security constructs in Nextworld are robust, we have identified a gap in the Nextworld delivered functionality for security reporting. SARA, powered by Nextworld, is a Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution that provides information about users and their access within Nextworld.  It will address audit concerns and help maintain a “healthy” security system.

Learn more about SARA



Nextworld offers unlimited users at no extra cost. That way your entire team can embrace innovation and make changes to seize opportunities without coding. Nextworld’s pricing model is very attractive – quite different from what you have experienced with other SAAS ERP solutions.



Nextworld has early adopters that have already gone live with Financial Applications. Distribution, Job Cost, Real Estate and Manufacturing are in development and will be ready for a major release soon. Its no-code platform also means partners may develop modules and options, ensuring a wealth of options for customers to choose from. Benefit from our decades of experience designing software that allows companies to thrive—we are committed to your success today and in the future.

We hand-pick industry leaders who share our values to complement our core services